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Year Like no other, our views

Photo Credit Anna Shvets

Guy Dabrera

CoVid 19, the silent intruder, suddenly invaded our lives, unchallenged, causing unmitigated and unparalleled suffering, social disintegration and economic ruin.

Enjoying a free ride around the world piggybacked on us, striking us down, targeting the vulnerable, multiplying prodigiously and even daring to change itself.

Well arch-enemy CoVid 19, you who are guilty of putting my sister in law in a ventilator for two months, the fightback has gathered momentum with soap and water, face masks, social distancing and vitamins and we will Zinc you, and defeat you with our vaccines

Hameen Markar

1. Hundreds of thousand have lost their lives. <illions their livelihoods and not even the greatest nuclear power in the world could control the devastation caused by a minute invisible virus.

2. But it is also time to learnfrom this devastating experience and modify our way of life - curb tasteless ostentation, remember our roots and help the needy.

3. Do not abandon the lessons learnt within days of things returning to normal, which is a human frailty.

Jayantha Premachandra

I never imagined that there is a button that could turn off the world of activities in an unprecedented manner, travelling holidays, parties, weddings, funerals and anything you can name.

The virus was unbeatable, even by the armies of most powerful nations on earth and we all became helpless.

The worst thing about the virus is it is not a great leveller, instead it affected the most vulnerable of the society, to live in hope that the vaccine will bring back the world to normality thinking there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, hoping it is not an on coming train.

Kuvera Premawardhana

Helpless, but do it for others -

(1) Absolute helplessness – a combination of the world’s best brains, the resources of the world’s richest, and unlimited goodwill, but powerless.

(2) Its mainly about others and not yourself – masks are not mainly about yourself but about others - your parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties and siblings

(3) Hope – the vaccine is here, take it to save yourself AND others

Ranjit Thambyrajah

I have never thought of DEATH until now and realised how quick this can happen on the drop of a hat.

I realised how much more medicine has to go far to keep in pace with disease.Ever learning.

Remembered very vividly Chapman’s lecture in bacteriology the triangle of HOST:PATHOGEN;ENVIRONMENT and we see the VIRULENCE of the Virus not been able to be challenged by the HOST’s IMMUNITY by the Vulnerable Population.

Finally how much our religious beliefs come to surface when we face a catastrophe


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