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The Delta Force

Latest thoughts from our man from Las Vegas, Siva the resident poet

Since the advent of COVID there has been passage of many seasons Yet, its still proliferating and prevalent due to multiple reasons

The virus keeps rampaging and running amok Causing death, disease and untold havoc First it was alpha, now its delta, the virus keeps spreading and morphing

Destroying families and communities throughout the whole world, while mocking and laughing

The virus keeps lashing the communities in wave after wave If all eligible people get the shot, many lives we can save We've lost so many lives, health, productivity and peace of mind This pandemic has been a disaster for all of mankind Hordes of lives lost, social events cancelled and much suffering this COVID has wrought In its wake, tremendous misery, grief and pain have been brought Its time we eradicated this awful blight And extricated ourselves from our pitiful plight We have to absolutely eradicate this dastardly virus Before it harms, grieves and kills millions more of us We can all band together and have this virus vanquished

Instead, responsibilities and good sense have been relinquished If people shed their political nonsense and vanity We can come out on top and retain our lives and sanity

Those in high positions should give up their partisan talk and petty politics All this cavilling and anti-mask rhetoric are silly antics Wear the mask, wash your hands and socially distance This repeated viral surge is not mere happenstance All eligible folk need to get the doses of the vaccine And with proper health measures and hygiene intervene The world desperately needs life to soon return to normal So people can mingle freely on occasions that are special, both casual and formal Arumugam Sivakumar, M.D.


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