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About Retired United


Boats on Shore, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka | Photo Credit: Tomáš Malík from Pexels

At our last batch reunion, it was a truly uplifting experience to meet so many old friends that I hadn’t seen in years. As I looked at the familiar smiling faces across the room, I thought to myself what a wealth of knowledge and life experience we had all brought to the event.


As is the case with all our reunions they fly-by in a blur of eating, drinking and fun - we hardly have the time to really catch-up in-depth on nearly 40 years of our lives: our families, our hobbies and travels, our triumphs and failures, our memories, know-how, exploits and escapades. What have my friends been up to in the years gone by? How have we all changed since we left Colombo Medical School nearly half a century ago, and dispersed across five continents.


These thoughts led me to a project that I have been working on. Retired United is a website that's designed to be a bit more personal than Facebook, something tailored for our community – a blog platform for a "virtual reunion" if you like. I want everyone to participate by sharing the kind of interesting, funny, strange, educational life stories that we don’t have time to share when we all meet up together - think of it like a brilliant online issue of Readers Digest – except all the stories are by people you’ve known for years.


I think it could be really worthwhile to make a go of this, a fun resource for all of us to share and contribute to – maybe even our children and grandchildren will read about what we did during our student lives!

To find out more about how you can contribute to Retired United, go to the Contribute page

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