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Contribute to Retired United

You and your family (spouses and children) are all invited to write and contribute to the site. Your story can be about anything, here are some ideas to get you thinking...


  • A funny anecdote; something that happened way-back in medical school that makes you laugh out loud when you think of it.

  • An important memory; A journey you took, your first operation, meeting your spouse, how you felt when Sri Lanka won the Cricket World Cup!

  • A review; the best holiday you ever took, a fantastic book you'd like to recommend etc

  • An interview with someone interesting (video interviews/Zoom recordings are encouraged!)

  • A treasured recipe: From traditional Brinjal curry to American style fried chicken

  • Philosophical thoughts and life lessons; Raising children, Finding religion, experiencing a new culture as a Sri Lankan abroad...

  • Photography (see image disclaimer below)


You can write the story that you always wanted to tell but did not have the time or audience to listen, let your imagination run wild. The pen is mightier than the sword - so do remember that while we encourage freedom of expression, the language has to be moderate, cultured and not in any way insulting or disparaging to any individual or group.

How to submit your blog

  • Please write your blog in English and send it as a Microsoft Word attachment to the email address

  • Please send any pictures you would like to include as attached files, please make sure these photos are owned by you and do not breach the copy right laws. They should be acknowledged accordingly.

  • Please try to limit your blog to around 600 words.

  • Please carefully read the blog terms & conditions, and the privacy policy this is important because you are responsible for the contents of your blog, we are not responsible for editing it. By submitting a blog for publication, you are aknowledging that you have read and agreed with the terms and conditions of the website.


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