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"Irish? I wish"

Siva thinks he is!

Photo Credit, Photo by Djalma Paiva Armelin from Pexels

Soon it will be March 17th, St.Patrick's Day

When its time to celebrate and make merry, come what may

People are usually drinking Guiness and eating corned beef and cabbage

And with friends and family in boisterous partying engage

The favourite shade of the day is emerald green

Even the Chicago River is coloured so, making it a remarkable scene

Four leafed clovers should be sought as they bring good luck

But current conditions due to COVID really, really suck

Its a day to be out collecting shamrocks

But The COVID has been a pain in the buttocks

Disrupting our life routines and celebrations

Causing much heartbreak and aggravations

On that day, every man is Paddy and everyone is honorary Irish

They should kiss the blarney stone and make a heartfelt wish

We want this darn Corona virus to be soon totally gone

And our friends not be pranked by the little leprechaun

I share with my friends my regards, prayers, best wishes and much more

May there be a pot of gold at the end of each of your rainbow.

Arumugam O'Sivakumar


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