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Welcome to Retired United

A community blog for retired Sri Lankan physicians

Boats on Shore, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka | Photo Credit: Tomáš Malík from Pexels


Introduction and an invitation to blog

Virtual Reunion in Cyber Space!

Dear Friends

We have been friends for nearly half a century, and as most of us near the magical 70, it is time to reflect on life experiences and share our individual joys and sorrows. We are a diverse group who all started at Medical School in Colombo but have now dispersed and occupy all corners of this planet.

At our batch reunion in 2015, it was a truly uplifting experience to meet so many friends that I hadn’t seen for many years. As I looked at the excited and smiling faces across the room, I thought to myself what a wealth of knowledge and experience they all brought to the event. But then, I felt that there was hardly any time to really catch-up in-depth. What have our friends been up to – where have they travelled, what hobbies have they developed, do they, like me, enjoy cooking, reading and so on.

These thoughts led me to a project that I have been working on, and on the threshold of 70, I think this is the right time to tell you about it.We have gained a wealth of unparalleled life experiences. We’ve been very fortunate to have stayed in contact albeit remotely most of the time with our e mail chain. This is a site which is a bit more “personal” than Facebook, something more tailored to us – a blog platform for a “virtual reunion”. It is important for you to read the website’s privacy policy and terms and conditions. Instructions for submitting blogs can be found on the right hand side of the website homepage.

I want everyone to participate - think of it like a brilliant online issue of Readers Digest – except all the stories are by people you’ve known for years. You are invited to write something for the site please! It can be as short or as long as you please. Your story can be anything from a funny recollection or anecdote, opinions, reviews, recipes and even philosophical thoughts and life lessons. You can write the story that you always wanted to tell but did not have the time or audience to listen, let your imagination run wild. These “blog posts” will be open to receive comments so everyone can participate.

The pen is mightier than the sword - so do remember that while we encourage freedom of expression, the language has to be moderate, cultured and not in any way rude, insulting or disparaging to any individual or a group. I have no editors – so you are responsible for your content!

Once I have enough articles, I will allow google to “index” it’s pages in public search results. I think it could be really worthwhile to make a go of this, a fun resource for all of us to share and contribute to – maybe even our children will read about what we did in our retirement!

Best wishes,

Jayantha Premachandra.


Big Thank you ….

I am most grateful to Ranjith Thambyrajah, Guy Dabrera, Hameen Markar and Kuvera Premawardhana for their enormous support and advice given during the development of this website. Without them I could not have done this.

Last but not least I am most grateful to my daughter Camilla for building, and designing the website also inserting the content.


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