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Another New Year

Photo Credit Nur Andi Rasvanjani Gusma

Soon it will be the time to celebrate the Sinhalese & Tamil New Year

But alas, there's currently no joy or cheer

At dawn on this day, people anoint their heads with oil, bathe and then, to wear new clothes expect

Prostrate to the elders seeking their blessings and paying utmost repect

Everyone decorates their homes with flowers and entry ways with leaves from the mango tree

These bring joy,health and good tidings, you see

Offer prayers and obeisance in places of worship

Going there is more than just a mere family trip

The ladies boil milk and watch it rise and overflow

Signifying prosperity for now and forever more

We get to eat kavum, kokis, pongal, vadai and asmi

All of us love these, including both you and me

Don't forget the kiribath, sambol and kitul syrup

Most of us wear new clothes and get dressed up

The villagers engage in games like Olinda Kaliya, and Kotta Pora--the pillow fight

Everyone has fun and its such a delightful sight

Some partake in percussing the raban, and Onchilli

Some men drink the spirits and get noisy and silly

BUT, these things are not being celebrated this year

For public gatherings and family reunions are curtailed, I fear

Instead of family get together, rejoicing and prosperity

These are sadly, dark times of COVID and adversity

We sincerely hope all this will be very soon gone

Like darkness disappearing with the first rays of dawn

Arumugam Sivakumar

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