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Thanksgiving in 2020

Photo Credit Rachel Claire from Pexels

Missing celebratios

Tis the season of rejoicing and Happy Thanksgiving

But the deadly COVID has changed our customary way of living Normally the whole family and we would soon meet Exchange loving embraces and thus, warmly greet Alas, this Thanksgiving will be so lonesome, tepid and tame Mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing just won't taste the same We won't be longing for the turkey and pumpkin pie Not seeing the children makes us melancholic and almost cry In 2020, there won't be a Macy's Thanksgiving parade We won't be playing card games or take part in charade Doubt whether there will be many Black Friday mall sales Or grandpa sitting on the bed reading children fairy tales COVID has brought our life to a near standstill

But it will not break our spirit or resolute will Its fervently hoped that families will soon congregate and unite again Putting an end to all this sadness, anguish and pain

We pray ardently that our world is swiftly rid of this nasty Corona bug Our belief and prayers are more powerful than any pathogen, vaccine or drug Lets hope we meet our friends and dear children very soon Lest this prolonged lockdown that's so stifling and painful, makes us all swoon. By Arumugam Sivakumar


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