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Nature at Wembley


I was a garden lover from my early days. When I moved to the United Kingdom I lived in Liverpool and Peterborough I had smaller gardens spent less time in the garden due to busy on-call rotas.

Finally, when I moved to London I was very fortunate to have a house with a big garden. This was London living close to nature one which I wanted. I joined the RHS ( Royal horticultural society )

where I learned my gardening skills. The lockdown period encouraged me to spend more time in my garden and I was able to improve my garden to a great extent. Seeing my garden from indoors

in early summer glory is uplifting and inspiring. I have attached a few photos of some interesting and rare plants from my garden.

Figure 1

Penstemon Maurice Gibb is a hardy perennial plant, flower from May for six months comes in several beautiful colours. Stunning trumpet-shaped flowers held on strong stems.

Angiozanthos is a unique tall stem-like Kangaroo paw each one smothered with highly unusual flower heads. This one comes in different colours.

Fuchsia with their real elegance and astonishing beauty is at the top of all gardens comes in different colours. There are about six different colours.

Figure 2

Collection of Lupin, Iris and Acer. The attractive Acer is purple in early growth and changes colour with maturity, also called Mystic jewel. Ruffled bloom and fuzzy bearded Iris appear in late spring

Figure 3

No garden is complete without a collection of Roses. Rose renaissance is a traditional romantic rose with old fashioned fragrance. The modern bouquet roses are easy to grow and have an intense fragrance. Capricia dark red bloom rose is stunning catches everyone eye who see them

I am sure all of us enjoy colourful bright flowers in various size shape and fragrance both day and night.

Figure 4

Lilies are grown from bulbs and are multi-coloured white, yellow, orange, pink and purple. They grow year after year from the bulb, prefers good sunlight.They bloom in spring and summer. Black lilies are rare and are called Asiatic Lil, features black red petals.

What better way to enjoy mother nature than surrounding of your own home

Figure 5

Back garden collection of Acanthus Hungaricus White lips, Holy hook, Dhalia and ClematisNubia all these have very attractive and colourful flowers. Acanthus has a glossy jagged leaves.

Flowers with different colour, shape, size and fragrance are gift of mother nature.

I have Inject colour and style into the garden to make a brilliant border. Seeing from my house theatre of plants that is exciting and captivating

You can feel connected and enjoy them from far.

S.K.Nathan of Wembley park

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