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Exiting the freeway

Photo Credit Pexels-elina-volkova

We are all travelling on the freeway of life

Experiencing periods of joy, and at times, sorrow and strife Along the way we meet and gather family and friends Develop our habits and behavioural trends

None is born with the seal of "Date of expiry" This voyage called life is a journey of inner inquiry

Time does not slow down or stop for anyone For many, before this realization strikes, their earthly sojourn is done

We pass through sunny climes and at times, inclement weather Fervently hoping that our troubles be only as light as a feather While travelling, we hit traffic snarls and road bumps and stumble But recover ourselves, keep going and don't crumble

During this journey, we lose many a relative and chum Making us feel sad, forlorn and glum We are the lucky ones that have made it this far Despite suffering setbacks, wounds and many a scar None knows in the next mile what surprise or danger lurks So don't be callous or behave like jerks Many of us are reaching the twilight of our earthly days so, leave behind a legacy of meritorious ways

The sun sets slowly and the shadows grow longer May our bonds with our brethren grow much stronger Cherish your loved ones, for they are your treasure Love them unconditionally, without any fear or pressure Instead, if we worry about trivia, fake news and Brexit We will, without realizing it, soon come upon our exit We will all leave with empty hands Cannot take any of our wealth, looks, titles or lands So lets shed our pride, selfishness and vain ego Treat each other with kindness, and compassion forever more Treasure the times spent with those near and dear Share and spread unconditional love, without reserve or fear Always be kind and loving to your fellow man Be helpful and uplifting as much as you can Be with a smile, and be loving, no matter how difficult life gets Then when its time to depart, we can do so without regrets Its been my pleasure & privilege to share this journey with friends like you Sticking together through thick and thin, like platelets and super glue Thank you for sharing my journey and making it so memorable It was certainly, many times, incredible, and often enjoyable. A.Sivakumar


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