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Mind The Magician

Black Magic of "Kalu mallie" from New Zealand

Photo Credit Ruvim from Pexels

seeing with my eyes you see, that’s not me

hearing with my ears you hear, that’s not me

smelling with my nose you smell, that’s not me

taste with my tongue you taste, that’s not me

touch with my body you touch, that’s not me

thoughts are yours they are not mine

I am your slave, you are the master

yet, you trick me to believe, I am the master

but you keep me in a cave, a prisoner myself

the day you let me free, I will reveal thee, the magician

Now I am free, I follow your every move

I stand on a balcony, stand over you

where you perform to fools

now I can see, how you fool

how eye sees a flower, it can only see colour

here is how you defraud you pull it out of your load

you deceive the fools, saying it’s a flower

knowing it’s the colour the eye sees

yet you convince the fools it’s the flower they see

knowing it’s the colour eye sees

I can see from top, how you deceive the lot

now I am free, I see it forever

peeping through the window, I see rain drops drop

greeting from the floor, I see bubbles form

no sooner they are borne, they pop and go

from where they come, to where they go

I tussle in my mind to unravel the puzzle

who says it’s a bubble, it’s another puzzle

it’s another puzzle, for me it’s trouble

I see only a shape, a shape of a dome

a shape is there, a dome has never been there

dome has been in the mind

a shape is there, a bubble has never been there

bubble has been in the mind

here is how you defraud you pull it out of your load

no more tricks, now I am free, I can see

B G Upananda


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