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Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins and Goni billas

Front of Siva's house Halloween 2021.

Its the season to have fun and celebrate Halloween

But, laughter and rejoicing we have scarcely seen Children should be dressing up now and readying for "Trick or Treat" Instead, due to COVID, the world is sick and in retreat Boys and girls are usually carving up and competing for the fiercest looking pumpkin Alas, the pandemic has prevented us from meeting our dear kith and kin Youngsters in costumes should be out gathering candy Tragically, life is far from being fine and dandy Trees are turning color and shedding their spring and summer foliage The world meanwhile, is braving the viral scourge and displaying stout courage Cackling witches are usually flying around on their plush brooms Ghoulish goblins start crawling out from under their mushrooms This is when scary werewolves snarl and utter a fierce growl Creepy ghosts sneer and go on a night time prowl Stalking vampires and hirsute spiders make us go "Eeek" and "Ugh" For our current desolation and loneliness, we need a remedial drug We are downcast and engulfed in a thick pall of gloom As we can't see our friends and children, except on Facetime or Zoom All we want is to see them in person and give a big hug But there is nothing we can do now but lament and shrug! Arumugam Sivakumar

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