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Lack of mindfulness “sniff the food”

Nalini, Chocolate Sauce and Vegetables

Photo credit: Fir0002 via Wikipedia


Nearly 40 years ago I came to UK to Join Upali. Few months later, decided to do

MRCP part i. Applied and paid the fee but only few months to go.

Every morning when Upali went to work I accompanied him to the hospital Library and did a marathon cram from morning till evening with only lunch break. Upali joined me for lunch in hospital canteen. Strange enough I liked the food and waiting for his arrival, he always chose the food for both.

This day he was late, and I was getting impatient. Decided to join the queue on my own for the first time. First food station was boiled vegetables and it was self service but there were ladies behind to help. I chose my vegetables and lady behind asked me something which I did not understand a word, so I continued my self-service.

At the Second service Station I chose GRAVY and poured on the vegetables, I immediately saw the changing facial expressions of the two ladies behind the food station, but I ignored. One of the ladies asked “Are you OK” which I just managed to understand despite the accent, still I did not realise the reason for her concern.

My next stop was the cashier. The lady gave me a funny look and asked me whether I am going to eat it. Strangely at that time I realised my blunder .Oh no! I have poured Chocolate Sauce on the vegetables. I was so embarrassed and bravely said yes and paid for my plate.

Returned to the table but I chose a table behind a pillar so others will not see it. By the time Upali came Food has gone to the bin and he chose another plate for me to relieve my hunger.

No CHOCOLATE Sauce on Puddings or GRAVY on vegetables ever again!!

Nalini Ranasinghe.


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