Then there was a Sri Lankan to help

Photo credit Jarod Lovekamp Pexels


Shortly after arriving to the U.K. I was invited to my first interview for a SHO Ophthalmology job in Middlesbrough.

I was quite nervous as I had never done a proper Ophthalmology job before.

Whilst waiting to be called for the interview a gentleman, who looked and spoke like a typical Sri Lankan, approached me and introduced himself as the Registrar.

He asked me whether I am a Sri Lankan, yes I said.

He took me to a quieter area and told me to relax and went through some common questions asked at ophthalmology interviews. I was tense as I had not done many procedures at this stage. He put me at complete ease and promised me that he would teach me to do all these later.

Relaxed, I duly answered all the questions and got the job.

True to his word when I started the job, the Registrar went out of his way in the first few weeks, teaching me all that is expected from the SHO. I am very grateful to my Sri Lankan surgical mentor and this encouraged me to also help many other Sri Lankans to get jobs and to teach the necessary skills.

Ore Pushpanathan