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The Corona Isolation

Weeks have passed by, since the beginning of the lockdown

Thoughts creep into my head, makes my isolated mind drown

There is no other way I know of, to describe this clampdown

In a poem I thought I could try, to take my thoughts to town

In the year twenty twenty, I was preparing to do many things

To visit different countries, spreading out my wings

On a safari with the children, seeing animals and their kings

Attending weddings in Australia, experiencing the excitement it brings

To give alms at Pimbura Temple, bringing back memories of the past

To make alms at Amarawathi, which is definitely a contrast

To ease my mind meditating, calming my mind at last

These are the things I was wanting to do, now they are all in the past

This Virus appeared from China, totally unknown to us

We were told at the start, not to make too much of a fuss

As time went on being at home, was going to be a plus

Enough is enough for most of us now, we’ve definitely missed the bus

We have not seen the children, and weeks have passed by

I visualise their little puppy, dancing in the garden with a sigh

I feel the emptiness without them, this is certainly not a lie

When I think of them a tear drop, falls from within my eye

Morning meditation, is a routine now we follow

Then a cup of tea, with something sweet to swallow

We listen to dhamma when possible, this sure makes us mellow

And do other chores inbetween, before we hit the pillow

A walk around the garden, my exercise is done

Watering the flower plants, is really quite fun

Keeping the lawn tidy, my mowing is second to none

Always put the dustbins out, in time for the garbage run

Birds are singing flying about, constantly in the air

Bees roam amongst the flowers, as the plants are never bare

Shadows of trees in the garden, they are all over here and there

This is the beauty in my garden, of which I was not aware

One day we had string hoppers, which I’ve never made before

When Thosai came with Potato Curry, I wanted more and more

Finding “Roast Paan” in the deep freezer, that was a point to score

Had it with “Polos” from the same shelf, was something not to ignore

We attend birthday parties, via the magnificient zoom

And listen to dhamma discussions, going on till noon

Via whatsapp we speak with loved ones, as if they were in the room

Things have changed and from now on, a new lifestyle will loom

Cannot go to see our friends now, we have to patiently wait

Groceries delivered to the house, something I always hate

The vehicles stopped along the driveways, that is the current state

I get an isolated feeling at times, thinking this is our fate

All journeys are stopped and nothing moves, there is no easy way of travelling

All planes are grounded and the airports are full, this thought is so hassling

The thought of when we could be homebound, is so very frustrating

If we get to fly before the year ends, that will be a miracle happening

The Sinhalese New Year dawned in April, amidst the lockdown

On the table in the kitchen the Kiribath we made, was carefully laid down

We prayed that all beings be strong and well, till Corona scales down

And then had a bit of Kiribath, according to the traditions around

To experience the festive season, like we would normally do

Didn’t cross our minds this time, as the calamity was so true

To worship our elders seeking forgiveness, something we always do

It was whatsapp that came to our rescue, in this instance too

Those dying daily are reported in numbers, without any love or care

The sorrow sinks into my heavy heart, when I really become aware

They are dearly loved by someone, it’s just that life is not fare

“Can this happen to us as well?”, that thought gives me a scare

In hospitals and care homes, which have always been their base

Working so hard and lovingly, giving their lives a second place

Wanting to thank all the staff involved, with an affectionate embrace

I join the weekly clapping, which comes from every corner and space

It seems that we have neglected, the environment so badly

It is apparently a decision taken by nature, we are told so sadly

Taking care of the environment, is a decision not to be taken lightly

My heart now tells me with a tickle, which I accept vey gladly

Udeni Premaratne


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