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Hope springs anew

By our poet in residence

Photo credit Valadislav Murashko from Pexels

Soon, 2020 will recede and be gone

And a new year, 2021, will be born

Soon after we reach January 1st dawn

May all living beings be no longer forlorn

There has been pain, loss and suffering this year

Peace and happiness were gone, replaced by uncertainty, grief and fear

From the bats in Wuhan sprang a pandemic viral

Causing life to spin out of control and spiral

Living lost its sparkle, happiness and magic

All the news that unfolded was so horrid and tragic

Lives and jobs were lost, economies crashed and families broken

No travel, reunions or celebrations, nay not even a token

COVID has not respected anyone, poor or rich, big or small

Without mercy its decimated thousands and gone on a homicidal maul

Its destruction has been unbelievably savage

Communities and economies it did ruthlessly ravage

In 2021, its time for new beginnings

Let us start a brand new innings

Humanity needs to be joyful, at peace and rejoice

Have love and optimism fill our lives and kindness find its voice

Families need to mingle and reunite

Share experiences and enjoy a future that's wonderful and bright

The new COVID vaccines have kindled our hope

Just as the world reached the end of its rope

So, may this horrible COVID virus be forever banished

Pain, suffering and grief have finally vanished

Let's all be more compassionate and caring

There are less fortunate ones, with whom we should be sharing

In 2021, may hostilities, poverty, and diseases cease

And the world be filled with joy, prosperity and peace.

A Sivakumar

Our in house poet


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