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That distant light

Photo credit pexels-pixabay

1. A chilling wind, dark and foggy

The skies are grey and the air muggy

I see that light in a distant, hazy spin

Is it Covid or the vaccine?

2. Twenty Twenty is best forgotten

Can recall no year more rotten

Lives have vanished and so have jobs

The air is filled with cries and sobs.

3. Virus and vaccine the race has begun

Both are chasing, the faster I run

Who will come first – life or death

It depends on what the ‘Grim Reaper’ saith.

4. Christmas carols sound faint and distant

Covid menace is still persistent

For how much longer can we cope

The vaccine remains our only hope.

5. That light I see is now shining bright

The vaccine it is, now in sight

But the Covid monster is still around

Without a fight, it won’t go down.

Hameen Markar


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