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Dreaming of a Covid free Christmas

Rare picture of Christmas in Las Vegas (2008) photo credit A Sivakumar

The homes are being decked with bough and holly

People everywhere should be getting ready to revel and be jolly

Tis' the season of merriment and Christmas cheer

Santa is packing his sleigh and harnessing his reindeer.

Soon it will be time for Santa's annual global mission Rudolph is cleaning his infrared goggles to help his night vision

Rooftops and lawns are being decorated with props and Christmas lights

Filling the streets in town with a glow and pretty sights.

Its time to put up the Christmas tree

And the ladies to go on a shopping spree

Moms are baking a storm for the family's sake

Kitchens are stocking up on eggnog, candy cane and fruit cake.

Santa will be soon going Ho, Ho,Ho COVID says No way, No, No, No

The world pleads to the virus, Please, Go, Go, Go

Because we want to gather under the mistletoe.

We should be buying cookies and appetisers

Instead, we are stocking up on masks and sanitisers

Waiting for that much needed shot in the arm

To prevent the vicious virus causing more grief and harm.

Alas, the children are far away, not near

This Christmas will be very different, is my fear

We wonder whether street carols will be sung for us to hear

What a terrible letdown, O dear. The ghastly COVID is laughing at us loudly with derision Because its onslaught has changed our plans and decision Soon it will be time to sing Feliz Navidad But alas, the children won't be visiting mom & dad. In a few weeks, 2020 will draw to a close

Hopefully bringing an end to all this suffering, loss and woes People of the world desperately want to be reunited happy families again Throughout the universe, may good health, joy and peace reign.

A Sivakumar


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